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Teaming up with iKnowObstacles

Posted by Steve Hall on October 21, 2015

H2O for Life is excited to be partnering with iKnowObstacles! The following is taken from their project page:

Be in a movie.  Get Cool Stuff.  Do Some Good. 

The ‘iKnowObstacles: Water Crisis’ tour and film will utilize the visual and viral power of parkour and movement training to raise awareness for one of the greatest obstacles facing us as a world wide community. Featuring parkour athlete Max Henry, Ninja Warrior Meagan Martin, long-time WFPF athlete and ninja, Nicholas Coolridge, as well as Jesse Danger of the Movement Creative, the tour and accompanying movie has three goals:

  • Generate awareness of the world’s water crisis
  • Educate people on what they can do to help
  • Share how parkour trains us to see ‘obstacles as opportunities’ for growth, creativity, and teamwork

In co-operation with Global Water Challenge and H2O For Life, we will:

  • Visit schools in the Eastern Cape of South Africa affected by water and sanitation challenges.
  • Do performances, teach parkour and build playgrounds in Africa, providing a sustainable legacy of creativity, fitness, and camaraderie
  • Educate American school children, teaching the “H2O for Life” curriculum, and introducing ways to raise money for future water projects around the world.

To make this visually captivating, inspiring, and meaningful project a reality, we need YOU. Check out the great “thank you gifts” and cool opportunities we are offering in exchange for your contributions.