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Salume’s Story

Posted by Steve Hall on November 17, 2015

Meet Salume Akyang. A story sent to us by our longtime partner Drop in the Bucket:

Salume goes to the Amononeno Primary School in the Alebtong District of northern Uganda. She loves school and her favorite subject is English. Salume wants to be a nurse when she is older and is very happy that the school now has a well. Before the well the school’s water source was a ‘protected spring’. A protected spring is when people know that there is a naturally occurring source of water just below the ground level so they dig down to it and build concrete walls around it and add some pipes. This water can easily get contaminated and is definitely not an ideal situation, especially for a school as large as Salume’s.

Salume said that she feels much healthier now that the school has clean water, and she said that all of the children notice the difference. She is also happy that the well is so much nearer, as she loves sports and plays a lot of netball and having to walk to the old water source during or after a game was a major effort. Now when she is thirsty she can just drink from the well. It has made a huge difference in her life.