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Model UN Conference 2015

Posted by Patty Hall on February 4, 2015

Recently H2O for Life President, Patty Hall, was the keynote speaker for the Model United Nations Conference on Water 2015, hosted in honor of MLK day at the University of Pennsylvania.

Students from schools around the area, attended as “delegates” to determine actions that they feel should be implemented to provide clean water and sanitation for all.

Students engaged in high level conversations focused on the global water crisis. By the end of the day, the group crafted resolutions to be delivered to the UN by representatives. Patty Hall, as the kick-off speaker, challenged youth to consider three points in their deliberations:

1- Water is a Human Right

2- We must change the way we use water today if it is to be sustainable for the future. (reduce, re-use, replenish)

3- Worldwide governance of water is critical for equity and world peace.

Abington High School, one of the first H2O for Life school partners, provided a skit, sharing the effects of water related diseases on people that lack WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene education) programs. The skit was a highlight of the event. Students who attended the event are concerned about lack of water for all- a basic human right- and are partnering with schools around the world to take actions that will make a difference.  YOU can join us too!

Thanks for Nathalie Figueroa and her team for all the hard work that made the event possible.  H2O for Life enjoyed meeting Christiaan Morssink, ED of UNA-GP, and members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc, Omega Omega, Rho Theta Omega and Phi Beta Omega Chapters for their support.  Special thanks to Service-learning coordinator, Mary Rodgers, and her extraordinary team of students.  These students are motivated and are taking actions that will change our world.

Together we can work to assure that every person on our planet has access to a safe drink of water and an adequate latrine.  What are you going to do?


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