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Katie, student at St Joseph Catholic School, TX

Posted by Steve Hall on November 18, 2015

Here’s an email we recently received about Katie, a student at St Joseph Catholic School in TX, and her drive to raise funds for their partner school – St Paul Secondary School, Uganda:

Hello Steve,

I just wanted to brag about a student here at St. Joseph. Katie took it upon herself to go to her parish priest to see if she could speak on the pulpit about our Water Walk. She gathered fellow students and spoke at each Mass last weekend. As part of her presentation, she showed the “Where’s the Outrage” Water Walk video.

She raised over $3,000 last weekend!

I just thought you’d be as proud of our youth as I am. She has practically funded St. Paul’s well all on her own. Now, she’s trying to get with another parish to do the same thing this weekend. With her tremendous help, we’ll be able to fund more projects.

Wish us luck. Our walk is Friday and there’s a chance of rain. We’ve already moved it to the parking lot since it will be soggy on the field. However, we are excited to walk in solidarity!

Have a great day.

Debbie (teacher at St. Joseph Catholic School)