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Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope

Posted by Steve Hall on December 15, 2015

Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope
A book to empower youth to take action and change the world! K-6

Teaching children about the importance of empathy and tolerance from an early age has always been important to Wendy Muhlhauser.  Wendy, a Minnesota author and Patty Hall met recently to talk about Wendy’s new book, “Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope”.

The story, mixing fiction and Muhlhauser’s experiences with the Barabaig tribe in Tanzania, follows a cheetah with unique, jelly bean shaped markings on its fur, and the plot and structure of the book are meant to serve as an educational lesson about love, interconnectedness, family and acceptance. “I believe where we teach empathy, I think that there’s more tolerance, more peacefulness, and more harmony,” Muhlhauser continued. Jelly Beans, the Cheetah and Hope empowers youth to spring into action that has positive impact on their school and others.

The story points out the important need for water for people in Africa and around the world. The end of the story focuses on providing water for the Barabaig tribe in Tanzania and connects with H2O for Life’s water projects around the world.  The book is a great Holiday Gift for a child in your life!

If you would like to purchase a classroom set of books, please contact H2O for Life for further information.

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