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Posted by Patty Hall on February 25, 2015

A team of volunteers from H2O for Life have spent the past 2 weeks in Uganda. Implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, and ED John Travis accompanied the team to visit 8 schools in the Soroti area. The work being completed with support from our US H2O for Life schools is truly making a difference. Over the next few weeks keep an eye out for stories about each of the 8 schools. Our biggest challenges? VERY limited internet access, and long drives over challenging roads which made it difficult to share our visits. (Learning to use a pit latrine is also interesting)

We were warmly welcomed at each school by enthusiastic children who danced, sang and shared stories about their school and the impact of water and toilets.

We visited Hope Junior Academy, partnered with Maple Grove Junior High in Minnesota.

The school has a new bore hole well, amazing toilets and hand washing facilities.┬áThe toilet system is an innovative project that uses a round-about water system to provide water to the pour flush toilets which are connected to a brilliant septic system. The round-about routes water from the bore hole to a holding tank near the toilets, keeping them separated from the drinking water to prevent contamination. The children are able to “play” on the round-about as a merry-go-round. Hand washing faucets are located outside the latrine doors. It was clean, efficient and a huge upgrade for the school.

Kate, Maddie and Renee entertained the younger students with games while Chris and Patty explored the school kitchen and learned more about the project. Students and teachers received pencils, jump ropes, and other supplies, along with a new soccer ball developed by One World Football. The ball contains no air and is well suited to the rough terrain and thorns. (Children are often barefoot with amazingly tough feet, and we were amazed at their “futbol” skills and the joy they expressed over a new ball!)

After many hugs, thanks and a wonderful experience, we climbed back in the 4 wheel drive vehicle- an absolute necessity in the “bush”, and headed off to the next school.

Stay tuned for stories featuring additional Ugandan school projects. Maybe you would like to volunteer to accompany H2O for Life on an upcoming school visit? Dreams can happen!


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