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This isn’t hard!

Posted by Steve Hall on May 28, 2014

Quick note from Brenda Pulju, teacher at North Branch Area Middle School, MN:

This is Kasey Rankl! She is an amazing student, always does her best and always enthusiastically participates. When I asked her why she was doing this she said. “This isn’t hard. You just need to ask people to help out. Most people are more than willing to support a great cause instead of the usual fund raisers like buying cookie dough or some other product they don’t need.” She said it is easy to get pledges for such a worthwhile cause. She shared her speech that she gives when she is out getting pledges with the rest of her class today in hopes, they will go out and give it a try! Her first time out she raised $227 and her second time out she raised $300! North Branch Middle School is so proud of her!

(Kasey is wearing the striped shirt)

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