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Stillwater reaches $50,000 goal!

Posted by Steve Hall on March 18, 2014

Here’s an excerpt from a great article highlighting Stillwater Junior High School’s H2O for Life experience throughout the past five years. Congrats, SJHS!

“My favorite part about H2O for life is that I know I’m helping a little village in South Sudan get water so they can start a better life,” group member Skylar Grube said. “I like knowing that every time I help out, more little girls are able to go to school and get an education, which is taken for granted here on a daily basis. I also have a lot of fun helping out. We sold T-shirts, went to We Day, went to Augsburg College to hear a Noble Peace Prize winner speak, held a walk for water fundraiser, and more. Everywhere we go we raise awareness about the global water crisis, and I get inspired by speakers and other people’s goals and challenges.”

Read the complete story here

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