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Race to Reduce

Posted by Steve Hall on September 24, 2014


The Minnesota cities of White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi and Birchwood are challenging all residents to Race to Reduce to lower water consumption.

These interventions can help in your community too!

Join the Challenge!

Race to Reduce introduces a series of easy actions that will change the way you and I use water.

Check out how these easy interventions can save millions of gallons of water!

Leak Detector Tablets:
• Before considering any other measures to reduce home water use, check all your sink and shower faucets, your hose connections (laundry, lawn, ice-maker, dishwasher) and your toilets for leaks.

Lawn Moisture Meter:
• Most people that water, “over-water” their lawns. The majority of lawns only need 1″ of water per week.
• Water less often but for longer to let it soak in for good root development
• Set the mower to high for increased moisture reserves
• The most effective time to water is before 9am when wind drift and evaporation are minimal.
Save the Lake Shower Head: 4 minute Shower Timer
• Make your showers fast and refreshing!

Toilet Tank Bank:
• If your toilet flushes more than 1.6 gallons per flush fill the Toilet Tank Bank and hook it to the side of your toilet tank. It will save you .8 gallons every time you flush, without any reduction in your toilets function.

Faucet Aerators:
• Prevent splashing, lower energy costs, conserve water!

Coming Soon! Race to Reduce Home Makeover Kit

Households: Purchase a Race to Reduce Home Makeover Kit- $20 will change water use in your home!

Schools: H2O for Life will implement lessons within all schools to challenge youth to lower their water footprint by 25% through easy actions.

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