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Posted by Steve Hall on February 12, 2014

Last year, Venezia Wee, a junior from Shanghai, China, contacted H2O for Life to assist her with a global water crisis campaign in her schools. Her investigations led to a campaign titled: “The International Movement”.  For the last several weeks, Venezia has been traveling around the world, sharing her message with others. Here is a message she recently passed along to us:

I have recently embarked on my new initiative known as “The International Movement”. Truly inspired by your tireless efforts in spreading the global water crisis awareness, I hope to do my bit by representing my age group to promote outside China during my school vacations. Presently, my regional partners are based in the States, Canada, U.K., and Singapore and they are mainly water organizations, sister schools and journalists.

In collaboration with my regional partners, mostly water organizations, universities, schools, and journalists in Singapore, Shanghai, Korea, Hong Kong, Australia, U.K. and the United States, my GWA (Global Water-Crisis Awareness) International Movement all started off when I suddenly realized that the global water crisis is already at our door step. It is not just about the crisis in Africa, Latin America, or Asia. Apart from the 36 states in the US suffering from water shortages due to severe droughts, rising temperature and increasing population, the devastating news on January 29th, 2014 takes this crisis to its next height – 17 communities in California may run out of water in the next 60-120 days! This is so real – a global water crisis, a silent killer is looming slowly but surely into your lives wherever you are. If you still think that you have nothing to do with the imminent crisis, it is time for you to think again! More importantly, if we have the privilege to know, then we should have the duty to act! 

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