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Posted by Steve Hall on July 23, 2014

H2O for Life Director of Finance/Volunteer Coordinator, Carol Collins, recently sat down to chat with Justin Yin. Justin is interning with H2O for Life this summer, he is currently creating a video for our annual Water Ball.

Carol:  Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Justin:  I was born in St. Paul, raised in Oakdale. After graduating from Tartan High School, I went to Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in two years. I moved back home in May of 2014. I saw the internship at H2O for Life and thought it sounded interesting. The experience has been extremely fulfilling and has made a huge impact in my life.

Carol:  How did you get interested in videos/movies?
Justin:  It was a hobby at first, and then it became an obsession. At a young age, I was the one in front of the camera. When I got a little older, my parents gave me all the videocassettes from my childhood to convert digitally onto a computer. After watching all the moments captured on tape, I became hooked.
I started a video club in high school. From time to time my friends and I would make short movies. In one of them, I was a Blind Kung Fu master with a funny accent! They’re still on YouTube, but now they’re all private!

Carol:  What have you been doing during your internship with H2O for Life?
Justin:  I’ve been working closely with everyone on a Water Ball video. Working with Nick Coughlin and Angie Churchill, I created a rough script and a story board for the video.
I am now learning motion graphics and animation which I hope to use in the video.

Carol:  Where did you hear about H2O for Life?
Justin:  When I was in high school, Patty Hall asked our video club to do a short video for the water ball, which was shown at Target Field. We had a bunch of people that were supposed to be children start walking. We stopped the movie, took people out, started it again and then they continued walking. People would slowly disappear from the frame. We wanted to simulate the amount of children that died each day due to water diseases.

Carol:  What are your goals?
Justin:  I am getting great connections here. I would like to start a small video business for non-profits. I would also like to keep doing wedding videography and maybe make a short film in between.

Carol:  Have your goals changed at all since you’ve been here?
Justin:  When I went to college, I wanted to be a director and an actor. I thought I was the best there was but I soon found out differently! Part of my college experience included working for the WWE. My first time doing this, I was harassed a bit but it actually helped me. It was something I really needed at the time. I learned I wasn’t the absolute best, but it gave me something to aspire to. Working for H2O for Life has not only taken my aspirations further, it has helped me network.

Carol:  What has surprised you the most about H2O for Life?
Justin:  The dedication of everyone who works here. It’s nice to see people so selfless.

Carol:  What has been your favorite part about interning here?
Justin:  Definitely the time spent interviewing out at the schools. All the smiles the kids have when talking about H2O for Life and making a difference. I know now that I am making a difference, too, in the best way I know how!

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