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Dear H2O for Life Schools

Posted by Patty Hall on June 4, 2014

As President of H2O for Life and a former teacher I know the amount of work that goes into a successful service learning project. Thank you for your time and commitment.

H2O for Life schools will have donated more than $2 million dollars by the end of the school year to support water, sanitation and hygiene education for over 550 schools around the world. These funds are matched by our partner NGO’s providing $4 million dollars of impact.

We know this project changes lives of students in your classroom as well. From my own personal experience, if this is your first year of participation with H2O for Life, each year you participate provides more educational impact in your own school, and the project becomes part of the school culture. Please join us next year for another year dedicated to providing water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools around the world. Literally, students are dying for a safe drink of water. You can help.

Check out our website in August to choose your new school partner. Have a FANTASTIC, well deserved summer.


Patty Hall


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