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A Monumental Time!

Posted by Patty Hall on April 16, 2014

Last week H2O for Life attended a fantastic National service-learning conference hosted by the National Youth Leadership Council in DC. It was titled “Monumental” and it was! H2O for Life had a chance to reconnect with many of our service learning schools, teachers and students that attended. Abington High School represented H2O for Life proudly with their engaging educational session. Maddie and Carter Cumbey, students who started their own non-profit (SMART2bfit) and focused on H2O for Life received a youth achievement award! Christine Hays from Valentine Hills Elementary, MN also talked about H2O for Life in her session. It was “monumental” to be highlighted by so many schools at this event.

As part of Global Youth Service Day, H2O for Life was part of Global Youth Service Day’s “day of service” on the Congressional Mall. Throughout the day, we worked in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial. It was inspiring. Students demonstrated how to make rain barrels, shared their demo on water sheds, and invited youth to carry water and make Masai necklaces. (If you have not submitted your service event to H2O for Life- it is not too late to be counted in the numbers of youth participating in service around the world. We need a brief description of your event and the numbers of participants) email me at phall@h2oforlifeschools.org

Closing ceremonies included Steve Culbertson, CEO of Youth Service America; Kelita Bak, CEO of National Youth Leadership Council; Secretary of the Interior and several youth speakers.

Next year’s NYLC conference will once again be hosted in Washington DC. If you have never attended- put it on your calendar. It is our favorite event of the year! Visit: www.nylc.org


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