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World Water Day is over, but the water crisis lives on

Posted by Patty Hall on March 23, 2013

In celebration of World Water Day,there were many articles that featured the global water crisis. Many focused on problems and many focused on solutions. We know that H2O for Life and our partner schools are part of the solution!

An article that we think is a “must read” for everyone may be found by accessing the link:


This article is one that should be studied with your classes! Please take a moment to read it.

Today, we heard from 4th grade teacher, Regina F. Her students are studying about ground water and conservation this week. As part of an extra credit assignment, students were encouraged to find other internet resources on topics concerning water. One of her students found us! Now Regina, I hope you read about H2O for Life and find a way to have your students take action to help us bring water to schools around the world. We are promoting an EARTH Day Walk for Water nationwide! You and your students are invited to plan a walk, and raise a few dollars to help a school in need. I hope you’ll consider it.

Regina also mentioned that her 4th grade student also found a connection promoting great conservation tips: He sent us a link to share. See if you are implementing all of the water saving tips suggested in the article.

EARTH DAY- April 22. We are collaborating with Youth Service America to celebrate Earth Day and Global Youth Service Day. Whatever you plan to do on Earth day as part of service, please register with YSA.org. Be one of the over 1 million youth counted for service on EARTH Day weekend.

You’ll find resources on our website to help you plan a Walk for Water! Start planning today.


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