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We made it!

Posted by Steve Hall on January 16, 2013

We made it!  100% success with our group summiting Mt Kilimanjaro, 19,300 ft.  Summit day began at around 1:00 am on Jan 12 and would consist of 6 hrs of very small steps up the last stretch of mountain.  We reached the summit just as the sun was rising creating the most beautiful sight in the world.  We all celebrated, hugged and there were a few tears shed as well.  Finally, after 5 long days of climbing we had reached our goal.  Group photos were taken, everyone had individual photos taken as well, and the breathtaking view was admired by all.  It was a bit hard to breathe, so we couldn’t stay too long, but I will never forget the images from the top of Africa!

Now began the long trek down the mountain we were now in love with.  We descended for 5-6 more hrs on this never ending day to the last camp we would stay at on this magical trip.  There was champagne waiting for us and a celebratory dinner that was devoured by all.  The 130+ porters that carried our stuff the entire week danced and sang for us too!  It was a great opportunity to reflect on what we had accomplished and talk about how we could change the world.  Everyone was absolutely exhausted and in bed early.  The next morning we would trek the final 2-3 hrs to the finish line at the bottom

This was the most amazing and important journey of my life with a great group of people that would spread the word of the global water crisis.  I was blown away by the eagerness and engagement of everyone who participated.  I truly believe this group of influencers, educators and all who climbed with us will help create change and make a difference for so many that just need a clean drink of water.  It’s a basic human right that everyone deserves to have and we have the power to make this happen.

Water = Life!

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