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Visit to Nairobi, Kenya

Posted by Patty Hall on June 5, 2013

After 2 long flights, Minneapolis to Paris, and Paris to Nairobi, I arrived to the hustle and bustle of the Kenya airport.  It was filled with people holding signs and cab drivers grabbing my bags.  Fortunately, Christopher Mutuku met me at the airport and we were on our way.

I am staying for the night at the Heron Hotel near the downtown area of Nairobi.  It is already 11pm- and I leave at 6 tomorrow to head out to visit school projects.  It will be a full day of visiting schools, taking photos and evaluating past and present projects. I know it will be interesting and I’ll learn a lot from the water experts.

I will be delivering many pen-pal letters, signed H2O for Life flags and other things that you have all sent for your partner school.  I’ll do my best to take great pictures that will show your students how much their work is appreciated


If I have an internet connection tomorrow, I will be sending photos of the schools that we see during the day.

Until then…


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