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St. Anthony surpasses their goal- amidst the fun!

Posted by Patty Hall on June 3, 2013

Last week St. Anthony Middle School completed their H2O for Life project.  Their year started with a dynamic evening with speaker Alphonso Deng, a former Lost Boy from South Sudan.  Alepho and two other Lost Boys wrote a book called, “They Poured Fire on us from the Sky.”  He shared the many hardships faced and the joy of being chosen to come to America.

St. Anthony middle school students learned about South Sudan and the years of war and struggle.  They also learned that South Sudanese people have little access to clean water- or often times access to even enough water- polluted or not!  Salva Dut, another former Lost Boy is helping to change that dynamic.  Salva began drilling wells in South Sudan many years ago, and H2O for Life is a proud sponsor of Water for South Sudan. Author, Linda Sue Park, wrote a book about Salva.  It is a great book, and written specifically for middle school aged youth.  Look for it and read, “A Long Walk to Water”.  St. Anthony Middle School raised over $10,000 to support water for partner schools. Their actions will change lives.

On a recent visit to the school to witness their final events, we were treated to a wonderful gathering in the gym to celebrate those students who went above and beyond and individually donated more that $50/person- many well over $100 and one over $300.  When we asked the youth how they raised the funds, they did a variety of events.  One girl worked for her grandfather, another student donated birthday funds, yet another asked for donations in her apartment building.  She said that every person she asked, donated at least a dollar.  How long did it take- not long at all.  When you have a great story to tell, people are willing to help.

The students also created and sold a t-shirt, sponsored a water balloon toss, and hosted a walk for water.  See the water balloon photos below.  a few students got wet!

Thanks to teacher Ginny Kagol for 5 years of wonderful projects in her school.  H2O for Life exists because of teachers and youth that understand that through studying an issue-and taking action- good things happen.

Thanks St. Anthony!  We hope to see you again next year!

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