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Lincoln Elementary soaks the Student Council

Posted by Patty Hall on June 4, 2013

Yesterday, Lincoln Elementary celebrated their H2O for Life project.  Mrs. Reeve’s Kindergarten class donated the most money during the project, followed by Mrs. Ogden’s 4th grade class. Their prize?  They had the chance to “soak” the student council.  Students loaded their water squirters and when they heard the signal- GO!-  all students went into action.  They loaded their squirters and amidst laughter and squeals, everyone had a great time.  The Kindergartners were fairly accurate, but the 4th graders really soaked the students!  The student council posed with an H2O for Life flag, followed by the Kindergarten.  The next photo shows students getting ready with water.  The last photo shows the results!  Thanks Lincoln for your participation for the 4th year!  Join us again next year.


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