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Giraffe, Rhinos and more

Posted by Patty Hall on June 15, 2013

Today we completed a second game drive at Lake Nakuru. The landscape is beautiful- the photos do not do it justice. We saw many animals, not as many as at Sweetwaters, but the looking is always fun.

We are enjoying some down time before we head back to the car for the journey to Lake Navaisha.  Christopher, our guide, says it is one hour, but we know it will be more.  He runs on Kenyan time. Pole,pole. (slowly, slowly)

Tomorrow we will be hiking up Mount Longonot- a dormant volcano.  I have read numerous articles about the climb, but each article says something different, from hard to not so bad.  I guess we will wait and see.

Posting a few animal photos today-  Kwaheri!

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