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Day 4 - Hugging the wall

Posted by Steve Hall on January 8, 2013

Today would be a moderate day of traversing the mountain to get in position, a little up, a little down across to our next camp that would be at 13,350.  It was a beautiful 5 hour hike over treacherous rock formations, streams with waterfalls and majestic views.  The most challenging was Barranca Wall, which was a very narrow 30 yard path with what looked like a never ending drop off underneath us.  We were all basically hugging the wall the entire time.  We arrived in camp at about 1 pm for lunch and get to use the rest of the day to rest, recharge and chat about the last few days.  We are getting very close to summit day and everyone is in good health and excited to conquer Kili!  On another note, the porters that carry our stuff ahead and set up camp are absolutely amazing!  Not only do they get most of this done before we arrive, but they also then have to find the nearest stream and haul buckets of water to camp for making meals and providing our drinking and cleaning water.  Strong, strong people!

Ps. No news yet on whether I need to go in for round 2 of surgery tonight.

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