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Holy Spirit School, St. Paul, MN- On a Mission for WATER!

Posted by Patty Hall on July 19, 2012

On June 5th, I was invited to a liturgy mass celebration for Holy Spirit School, located in St. Paul, MN.  The K-8 students at Holy Spirit, led by Principal Mary Adrian and her amazing staff worked throughout the school year to convey a message of social justice and the importance of water for all.  Students in the primary grades hosted Bingo games, the intermediate students hosted penny wars and other activities and the upper grades planned a spring concert that had many songs focusing on water.  Holy Spirit School donated $5500 for a partner school in Uganda.

The mass was held on the last morning of school, and the students while respectful and attentive could barely contain their excitement.  Once mass was done they were free!  Students sang, shared their favorite memories of school, and celebrated reaching their goal for H2O for Life.

Principal Adrian invited me to speak with the students and parents. It’s always amazing to stand in front of hundreds of students who are looking at me as the expert on water- and I am learning more every day!  I reminded the kids that every action they make has an impact- and that choices are important. Conserving water and breaking old habits takes commitment and planning. Did you know that 50% of the world’s population is 25 and younger? The future of the world is in their hands- and after meeting these students, we’re in good shape!

Talking about a huge global issue is easy, but taking action that will make a difference requires planning and a bit of work. The effort however, is greatly rewarded. Students are engaged in learning, and are able to provide service that is needed.   Thanks to the staff, and community for their leadership and inspiration to youth.  Holy Spirit students- enjoy a wonderful summer. And to the graduating 8th graders, take your energy to your next school and continue to excel. We hope your school and many more will join us next year to bring water to another partner school in the world that is waiting for a safe drink of water.


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