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H2O for Life celebrates 2012 school year end!

Posted by Patty Hall on July 19, 2012

It’s official!  H2O for Life Schools have concluded fund-raising for the 2011-12 school year.  206 US, Canadian and schools from around the world joined us to partner with 106 schools in developing countries that requested funding for water, sanitation and hygiene education implementation (WASH in Schools.)  Our schools donated $420,000 for WASH this school year. Thank you to all the teachers, students and friends that supported the school campaigns.

Water changes everything.  I recently heard from an implementing partner in Tanzania.  He said, “Once we have access to water, plentiful water, it opens the doors for our schools.  Students have safe water to drink,  water that allows us to grow food, and water that is available for us to keep the schools clean. This all contributes to the health of our students.” We are so very proud of all the youth that studied and learned about water and took action to change the world.

I want to share a story of one US school and one school in Uganda.  Mr. Brian Wolovich and his 6th grade students worked very hard during 2010-11 school year to raise funds for Mondikolok School in South Sudan.  They sent their funds to H2O for Life in June of 2011 for the drilling season that would begin in the fall.  South Sudan, as you know, became an independent country in July of 2011.  It was a seemingly peaceful transition, but unfortunately, the peace did not maintain.  Our implementing partner in Sudan was able to drill many wells in South Sudan, but the rains and the ever increasing violence forced them to pull out of Sudan before reaching Mondikolok School.  Tragically, it may be a while before the project can be completed.  After thoughtful consideration, Mr. Wolovich decided that the money raised for Mondikolok should be re-dedicated to a school in Uganda.  He and his kids wanted water to be provided as soon as possible to children in need.  The money was re-dedicated to the Integrity  Nursery School that was completed this past drilling season.  Once you see the photos, I think you will agree, it was worth the wait.  Thank you Quaker Valley for your incredible efforts and your patience to see your project through to completion.


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