Ogwari Primary School

Uganda 308 beneficiaries
$3,500 needed (100%)
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The Ogwari Primary School is located in Omoro District, Sub-County Odek, Uganda. The school has a population of 308 (160 boys/148 girls).
The school's only source of water is a hand-dug shallow water hole that is shared with the local livestock. Pigs and other animals stand in the water while the people are collecting it, contaminating the water and rendering it unsafe to drink. The mothers from the community boil the water when they can, but this takes up a lot of firewood, and sometimes they don’t have enough to both cook and boil water. Several of the children in the village fell sick recently from bilharzia, a parasitic worm that lives in dirty water. This parasite can be deadly to small children so the community desperately needs a well to keep everyone safe and healthy. The village has also suffered from outbreaks of typhoid, a disease caused by drinking contaminated water.
Project Proposal: New Borehole Well
Our implementing partner, Drop in the Bucket, will drill a well that will provide safe water on the school grounds. 

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