The Well

H2O for Life Sustaining Donors make an ongoing, monthly donation to fund our nationwide service learning program that ultimately brings water to people around the world. Learn more about our inspiring and life-changing work with students here at home and life-saving work with students abroad here.

Sustaining members help us:

  • Manage our cash flow
  • Save on mailing costs
  • Focus on our core programming
  • Keep your mailbox free of renewal requests!

Suggested Levels

Water Steward: $10 dollars a month gives one child in the developing world clean water for 10 years

Water Ambassador: $30 dollars a month gives three children in the developing world clean water for 10 years

Water Warrior: $50 dollars a month supports a WASH structure in the developing world

Water Advocate: $100 a month supports the resources to sign up a US school


  • One year end receipt
  • Exclusive news and stories

Why should you donate monthly? By choosing to give in monthly segments versus at one time per year, it spreads the financial impact, allowing for more manageable donations more frequently. This not only allows for donors to increase their gifts, but it also allows for a dependable source of income for us.

As a sustaining member, your donation is made on an ongoing basis until you tell us otherwise.

Click here to set up a sustaining membership using your credit card.

Once there, click on H2O for Life Educational Outreach, and then select “Monthly.”

Please call Christy at (651) 756-7577 for more details.

Thank you for your support of H2O for Life!