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The H2O for Life High School Fellowship Program

Posted by Mitchell LeGrand on October 18, 2021

H2O for Life is giving an opportunity to high school students that are interested in making a difference in the world. 25 students from across the country will gather virtually once a month to learn alongside their peers from experts that work for nonprofits, social entrepreneurs, international developers, environmental scientists, and more! Throughout the fellowship, they will develop and lead an H2O for Life service project at their school with the helpful input of their program members and one-on-one guidance from H2O for Life staff.  This is an excellent opportunity for students to earn service hours, develop their leadership skills, and explore careers before applying for college.

Applications are open through December 5th and the program will begin on January 8th with the spring semester. To apply, click here. If you have questions, please feel free to email our Educational Programs Manager at mitchell@h2oforlifeschools.org.

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