Ten Fundraising Ideas


1. Walk for Water: Number one fundraising idea! A Walk for Water teaches students how children around the world must walk daily for drinking water, raises awareness in our local communities about water issues, and helps raise funds for WASH projects around the world! Learn more about organizing your own Walk for Water here.

2. Sell H2O for Life t-shirts: Visit our online store for easy ordering.

3. Bucket Drive: Collect change (for example, Penny Monday, Nickel Tuesday, Dime Wednesday etc.).

4. Penny Wars: Instructions of how to run a penny war can be found here.

5. Tap In To Tap Water: Check out the poster with instructions here.

6. Sponsor a school Hat Day: This is not only fun and easy, but it is a quick way to raise money!

7. Collect a Mile of Pennies: It takes 84,480 pennies laid end-to-end to stretch the length of a mile. That’s $844.80!

8. Create a Water Droplet Wall: Students make paper water drops, sell them for $1 or $2 each, and then display them on a school wall. See an example

9. Bingo for bucks! Sponsor bingo games during lunch and charge a fee for each game. Give small, donated prizes.

10. Personal Fundraising Pages: Creating your own individual fundraising page in support of your school’s campaign is one of the best ways to raise money. Create a personal fundraising page

Remember to keep activities that involve sales or donations affordable for students, families, and businesses in your community. One example of an affordable activity is a “Spare Change Drive.” Have students set up a table in the cafeteria over the course of three days. Students ask for a donation of a single nickel on Monday, a dime on Tuesday, and a quarter on Wednesday. The donor’s name is entered into a raffle for a prize. This event alone raised more than $1,600 at Highview Middle School in Minnesota.

During the year, inform all students at your school about fundraising progress and involve them in classroom activities designed around water issues and the project.