Malama Primary School - Latrines

Malawi 1023 beneficiaries Lilongwe
$4,200 needed (91%)
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Malama Primary School has a total enrollment of 1,023 students (453 boys, 570 girls) with only 15 teachers. A functioning water point was recently installed, however, the sanitation component is severely lacking.  
There are several poorly-constructed, temporary structures with non-functioning and unsanitary pit latrines. The pits are not lined and were constructed using mud as mortar so they are not sound structures. The students have no handwashing stations or soap which contributes to high instances of water-related diseases. Many of the students use the restroom in the bush. 
Our implementing partner, Freshwater Project International, will construct two 4-stance latrines and four handwashing stations with soap dispensers. Students will also receive hygiene and handwashing training.

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