Makwema School

Tanzania 340 beneficiaries Lukani Village, Iringa
Makwema School is located in Lukani village within the Kilolo district. It is 65 KM's away from Iringa town. The school has a total of 340 students from form one to form four and has 25 staff/teachers. Makwema is a boarding school, students, staff and their families are living around the school compound.
The school faces challenges of getting safe water for daily consumption. Students use polluted water from an unsafe stream and small river near the village. Every day, students bring buckets of water for the school’s domestic use. This makes life difficult for students and teachers. Students spend a lot of time fetching water, consequently causing them to miss important lessons and valuable studies. This is also a health concern, as the water from the river and streams are not safe, so the students and teachers are at risk to get waterborne diseases. It is also dangerous for the students to walk alone across the forest when they are going to the river to fetch water. 
The goal of our implementing partner, St. Paul Partners, is to provide clean and safe water to Makwema School to improve the lives of students, teachers and families. Not having to waste time fetching polluted water will allow the students more time for their studies leading to an improved education.

The borehole well recently installed at neighboring Lukani School will be the source of safe water.  A submersible pump will be installed, underground pipes laid and water tanks placed at the top of the village. This will allow water to be distributed to 10 strategic points around the village for all to have access to. 

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