New photos of the Kalonga WASH project!

August 5, 2021
Our implementing partner, Freshwater Project International (FPI), drilled a borehole well with a hand pump and drainage apron and constructed two stance VIP latrines at Kalonga Secondary School. The water point serves the school as well as the surrounding community in Lilongwe, Malawi.

With design supervision by FPI, the construction work was subcontracted to King Mulima Construction who did a superb job. As of now, all the construction work is complete and the latrines and well are ready to be used.

Observations from the inspection by FPI:
During the visit, I was joined by Mr. Mulima, the owner of the construction company which was hired to do the construction work at Kalonga School. I was also joined by all the stakeholders who were involved in the planning and construction of the latrines (i.e School Committee, Senior Chief Kalonga and teachers). The stakeholders were overwhelmed with joy and were very happy with the outcome.

The Chief said, “The school was on the verge of being closed by the local authorities due to lack of latrines, but due to the timely intervention by FPI the school will be saved from this humiliation.”

The headteacher further added, “Learners now will be safe from diseases caused by poor access to hygiene facilities which the school has been previously experiencing.”

The school board of governance said that FPI has done a commendable job in constructing these latrines and the community is very thankful and grateful also for the borehole drilled for the school. The project was completed according to plan, and although done within a short amount of time, as we were against rains, we observed that the construction company more than delivered on quality.

This WASH intervention will tremendously ease the burden the school had in terms of access to water and hygiene facilities.

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  • New photos of the Kalonga WASH project!
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