Kalonga Community Day School

Malawi 240 beneficiaries Lilongwe
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Kalonga Community Day School, in a rural area outside of Lilongwe, Malawi, has over 240 students, but NO water source and poor sanitary facilities, contributing to high instances of water-related diseases. 
This school is desperately in need of a clean water supply. Additionally, sanitation is a major issue and the temporary latrines are in very poor sanitary condition. Many of the students use the restroom in the bush. Most of the girls are at puberty stage, but lack any private changing room to manage menstruation. 
Our implementing partner, Freshwater Project International, plans to drill a fresh water borehole at the school, and provide two blocks of latrines (with locking doors) and two blocks of urinals. One of the girls latrines will have a menstrual hygiene management station. All of the sanitation facilities will have hand washing stations adjacent, and more hand washing stations will be located close to the classrooms. Students will also receive hygiene and hand washing training and menstrual hygiene management training (for girls). Additionally, students receive a supply of Procter & Gamble Purifier of Water packets for students to use to purify water in their homes. 

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