WASH intervention for Manera students

August 20, 2019
In 2018 H2O for Life funded a number of women led organizations working in East Africa to promote safe water access and better sanitation services in schools. The BORESHA Team was one of the beneficiaries of this funding. These women carried out a comprehensive Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education (WASH) program at Manera Primary School, located in Nawasha Town in Nakuru County, Kenya. Here is their completion report:

Project Details 
With these funds and support from the community we constructed a VIP (ventilated, improved, pit) latrine block with 4 doors and a washing bay. We also installed a plastic water catchment tank so the pupils and teachers now have access to safe drinking and handwashing water. The construction of the latrines was led by 2 Global Women's Water Initiative (GWII) WASH graduates who are now qualified community masons and are actively championing for safe WASH services in Naivasha and Kirinyaga as well as the entire central Kenya region.

Community Contribution
This project was a dream come true for the community. The parents of these students were given an ultimatum by the Public Health Officers to improve the sanitation status or the school would be closed. Children would drop out of school and since this is a slum area, most of the children would likely resort to local brew consumption among other vices. The parents and community members contributed locally available materials such as sand, marram, labor and food. The success of this WASH project attracted a number of stakeholders and partners, including the area Member of Parliament, who have been challenged to mobilize resources for construction of more latrines at the school. It was important to engage the community in every step of the process to give them a sense of ownership and ensuring they will maintain the project for years to come.
WASH education for the students and teachers
Students, teachers and community members took part in WASH workshops that highlighted: 
  • The challenges of open defecation
  • Hand washing and its importance
  • The process of hand washing
  • Methods of making water safe 
  • How to keep the sanitation facilities clean 
  • Menstrual Hygiene management 

Motivational success story
Because of the implementation of this project, the area Member of Parliament has directed the Constituency development funds to the school to construct another latrine block. This is what the school Principle Mr. Muchoki had to say;  

“For the last 5 years I have made futile attempts seeking the support from our area MP and Women representative to help us put up at least one toilet but when the BORESHA Team came to implement the project in our school, it triggered other partners to support us, thank you GWWI for initiating this wave of development in our school!" “ALONE WE ENJOY BUT TOGETHER WE CELEBRATE!"
  • Girls have access to proper sanitation facilities which will reduce drop outs and absences
  • More pupils have registered in 2019 because of the project
  • The school was featured on a local daily following the outstanding WASH services provided
  • Pupils have enough water for their daily use
  • Teachers have standard toilets making their working conditions better
  • Rain water is not wasted as it is harvested and stored for future use 
  • Reduction of water borne disease in the school and community 
  • High retention of pupils in the school
  • Improved school performance 
  • Increased number of pupils joining secondary schools  

The BORESHA Team is now working with the following groups to continue to implement WASH programs in the area
  • Ministry of Education 
  • Ministry of Health 
  • Ministry of Water 
  • Ministry of Gender 
  • Constituency Development Fund
  • Member of Parliament 
  • Member of County Government 
  • Golden Eagles Group

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