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Manera Primary School is located in Nawasha Town in Nakuru County, Kenya. The school has a population of 1073 pupils, 34 teachers and 6 support staff. The pupils come from the slums of Manera and Kaiyu. Most of the parents are lower farm casual laborers earning less than two dollars a day. Due to their low wage, the parents are unable to contribute to the school development or their children’s medical bills. 
Manera Primary School has just 6 toilets to serve the big population. Girls are suffering more than boys, as the boys have urinals and girls lack even a washing bay to use during their menstrual period time, which makes some miss one week of school per month or even drop out of school entirely. The pupils have to line up in long lines to access the toilets and sometimes are forced to go in the bush where girls have been molested. This time wasted has affected the pupils’ performance. Most of the time there is less water for the big population and the little which is available is not safe for drinking making the pupils fall sick. Teachers have reported that every week at least ten pupils miss classes to illness like stomach pain or diarrhea, thus affecting performance of the pupils and making their parents overstretched with medical bills. 
We have a team of 10 qualified women who are trained in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) related activities. With your help we will be able to provide full sanitation facilities for the pupils, teachers, support staff, and parents. We will construct 2 latrines for girls and boys (4 stances each), which will include disability accessibility. We will also construct a changing/washing room for girls when they have their menses and hand washing stations near all the latrines to encourage hand washing. With the help of the head teacher we will also start a school WASH club to teach pupils about proper hygiene practices. We will also teach girls from 6th-8th grade and 20 women how to make soap, and provide them a small investment to start their soap business. This will improve the livelihood of households, long lines to access toilets will reduce hence no class time wastage and as a result improved school performance. The washing bay will keep all the girls in school all the time hence their academics wont be affected. With WASH program the diseases will reduce, hence no pupils will be affected and parents don’t have to struggle with medical bills. The soap project will change and brighten the lives of girls and their mothers as their livelihood starts transforming positively. 

Project Sponsors

H2O for Life

White Bear Lake, MN

Hopewell Junior School

West Chester, OH

St. John the Baptist

Vermillion, MN
August 20, 2019

WASH intervention for Manera students

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