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Institution Wiljean Compere will receive gender-specific bathrooms for students, a private bathroom for teachers, a shower to support student hygiene, and handwashing stations.  The school will also receive hygiene education, menstrual hygiene education and bio-sand filters for access to safe drinking water. 
The 500 students in this school will be able to utilize this handwashing station as they practice proper hygiene habits by washing their hands after playing outside, before eating and after using the restrooms. In addition, a portion of the funds donated will also assist with the educational training program we are developing for this school. 
Our implementing partner, Pure Water for the World, opened its doors in Haiti in 2008 serving schools, orphanages, health clinics and hospitals with clean water filters, as well as providing education to schools and communities about safe hygiene and sanitation practices.
PWW partners with rural and underserved communities, where there are high incidences of waterborne diseases and a scarcity of aid. They provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) education and capacity building programs, training other organizations to accelerate access to safe water and sanitation for all. PWW monitors every project and program delivered, to ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

These programs include clean water filters, gender-specific latrines, handwashing stations, hygiene education (including menstrual hygiene education), teacher training, monitoring and follow-up.

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