Skate4Water 🛼

This February, Katie Spotz and Hannah Sleight are embarking on a 119-mile journey crossing 44 total islands from Key Largo to Key West on in-line skates. In-line skating across the Florida Keys might sound crazy but with 785 million people without clean water, the craziest thing we could do is…nothing!

○ 31% of schools lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation globally
○ 1 in 4 girls do not complete primary school (compared to 1 in 7 in boys)
○ 15% increase in female enrollment when provided with clean water
○ 443m days of school are absent due to preventable water-related diseases each year

Clean water means more kids in school. The purpose behind Skate4Water is to inspire action to support a school community in Haiti on behalf of H2O for Life.

💧 SPONSOR-A-MILE💧 You are invited to sponsor-a-mile of 119-mile journey with a $40 donation, but no matter how much you’re able to give, 100% of your donation will directly fund a WASH project which encompasses providing safe water, sanitation and hygiene education.

Thanks for considering joining the mission. Every drop matters!

Projects Supported


Amount From Date
$40.00 Frank Kitchen Wed, Jan 19
$100.00 Mark Bowles Tue, Jan 18
$50.00 Kaite Follos Sun, Jan 16
$100.00 Ben Barnes Wed, Jan 12
$10.00 Anonymous Tue, Jan 11
$40.00 Kevin Spotz Mon, Jan 10
$40.00 Maggie Spotz Sat, Jan 8
$40.00 Pal 🌻 Fri, Jan 7
$100.00 Anonymous 12/24/21
$15.00 Angela Dell’Erba 12/9/21
$50.00 Dr. Rampur Viswanath 12/1/21
$50.00 Keith Fowler 11/30/21
$100.00 Mark Bowles 11/17/21
$100.00 Darlene Ciani 11/11/21
$50.00 Laura Hoban 11/9/21
$10.00 Betsy Scott 10/15/21
$500.00 Michael Hennessy 10/4/21

Skate4Water 🛼

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