Katie Masters

There is an urgent need for implementation of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education projects (WASH in Schools) for schools around the world. The addition of WASH facilities improves the health and learning performance of students by reducing the incidence of water and sanitation related diseases. Student attendance and time in class also increases when facilities are available on school grounds. Please donate to my fundraiser. Anything you can give is a huge help!


Amount From Date
$40.00 Rozita Tolouey Mon, Nov 8
$50.00 Rochelle Shaposhnick Mon, Oct 25
$25.00 Kara Stark Fri, Oct 22
$10.00 Kim Smith Wed, Oct 20
$25.00 Nancy Himmel Tue, Oct 19
$25.00 Gili Niv Mon, Oct 18
$10.00 Anonymous Mon, Oct 18
$50.00 Gaylyn Fraiche Mon, Oct 18
$50.00 John Pontious Sat, Oct 16
$50.00 Lori Christopher Sat, Oct 16
$75.00 Tina Christopulos Sat, Oct 16
$10.00 Rebecca Brooks Fri, Oct 15
$25.00 Claire Browne Fri, Oct 15
$50.00 Geoff Clark Fri, Oct 15
$50.00 Lori Park Fri, Oct 15
$50.00 Nancy Redd Fri, Oct 15
$50.00 Brooke Ehrlich Fri, Oct 15
$100.00 Jon Masters Fri, Oct 15
$50.00 Alexandra Kerr Fri, Oct 15
$250.00 Melissa Masters Wed, Oct 13

Katie Masters

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