Chiara Hoffman

Hello, thank you for reading about this fundraiser! All around the world there are people who must walk long distances just to get water every day. The water that they work so hard to get is often dirty, and can cause harmful diseases. Most of these people are girls and young women who should be in school but are not because they have to get water during school hours. I joined the Water Warriors club at Westridge School to make real change, by raising money to go towards building wells and other clean water sources. I feel so lucky that I get to school, so I want to help others have that opportunity too. On November 14th, we will do a 3-mile walk around the Rose Bowl, carrying one gallon of water. The walk simulates what many people all over the world must do so frequently. We will have just a taste of what we are fighting against. Even if you decide not to donate, by looking at this page you are becoming aware of the problem, and awareness is one big leap closer to our goal. If you do donate, remember that no donation is too small, and with every cent you are changing someone’s life.

~ Chiara


Amount From Date
$25.00 Ann Lee Grimstad Wed, Dec 1
$50.18 Beth Abronson Fri, Nov 12
$79.00 Rachel Pinto Wed, Nov 10
$25.00 Gayle/David Pinto Wed, Oct 27
$25.00 Mary Choi Fri, Oct 22
$100.00 Rebecca Coagan Fri, Oct 22
$25.00 Crystal Del Gatto Wed, Oct 20
$25.00 Maya Toscano Thu, Oct 14
$36.00 Cynthia Stockhammer Mon, Oct 4
$25.00 Anonymous Mon, Oct 4
$50.00 Aliza Miner Mon, Oct 4
$50.00 Linda Kesler Sun, Oct 3
$50.00 Phyllis Butland Fri, Oct 1
$50.00 Melissa Sawyer Fri, Oct 1
$50.00 Ana Reyes Fri, Oct 1
$50.00 Anonymous Thu, Sep 30
$250.00 michael pinto Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Evan Pinto Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Alison Ashford Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Anonymous Thu, Sep 30
$100.00 Alan and Nancy Brodovsky Thu, Sep 30
$15.00 Amy Hanneke Thu, Sep 30
$100.00 h kretschmar Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Katie Rosinsky Thu, Sep 30
$30.00 Erica Smith Thu, Sep 30
$100.00 Anonymous Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Joyce Simmons Thu, Sep 30
$40.00 Sandy Barajas Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Teri Stein Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Leslie Newton Thu, Sep 30
$25.00 Kate Hewitt Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Rachel VanSickle-Ward Thu, Sep 30
$250.00 Anonymous Thu, Sep 30

Chiara Hoffman

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