Hildy Uziel

In our modern, everyday life, we often take for granted one of the most important thing that us humans need, clean water. While I may fill up a glass of clean water in seconds without giving it a spare thought, another girl my age may have to spend their day walking for miles to retrieve water for them and their families. I know that I can't make this problem go away in an instant, but I plan to do my best to help the people that I can with this problem, by raising money, one donation at a time. In addition, in November I am going to do a three mile walk around the Rose Bowl carrying a gallon of water to experience what it is like to have to walk with water for a long distance.


Amount From Date
$100.00 Rachael Munro Thu, Oct 28
$100.00 Nina Uziel-Miller Wed, Oct 27
$50.00 Zoe Munro Wed, Oct 27
$50.00 JOANNA UZIEL Mon, Oct 18
$100.00 Helen Munro-Uziel Mon, Oct 18
$100.00 Oren Uziel Mon, Oct 18

Hildy Uziel

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