Sienna Beltz

Hello, my name is Sienna Beltz. This is my first year as a Water Warrior. I am a Water Warrior because there is an urgent need for safe water, sanitation and hygiene education projects for schools around the world. By doing so, it improves the health and learning performance of students and reduces sicknesses. Please donate to my fundraiser. Anything you can give is a huge help!


Amount From Date
$50.00 Nellie Yeretsian Thu, Oct 14
$35.00 Teri Lok Sun, Oct 10
$50.00 Felina Mahoney Wed, Oct 6
$50.00 Jennifer Yen Tue, Oct 5
$50.00 Karen Dubois Mon, Oct 4
$50.00 Anonymous Sun, Oct 3
$35.00 Gloria Wong Smith Sun, Oct 3
$50.00 Donna Beltz Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Caroline Anderson Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Julie Bae Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 S Fahimi Thu, Sep 30
$50.00 Truc Moore Wed, Sep 29
$50.00 Jennifer Beltz Wed, Sep 29

Sienna Beltz

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