Charlotte Yang

Hiii! I'm Charlotte and I am currently in the Water Warriors club at Westridge :) We fundraise money to help build wells and bathrooms for schools around the world that do not have access to clean water. There is an urgent need for implementation of safe water, sanitation and hygiene education projects for schools around the world. Many areas in the developing world that do not have access to clean water. Fresh, clean water is definitely something that is often taken for granted and is not something we often think about. Young children, especially girls, spend a lot of their day getting water to drink, even though the water is contaminated with toxins to the body. Young girls across the globe barely ever get an education because fetching water seems to be much more important and they spend multiple hours, walking miles, just getting water. Children pass away everyday due to waterborne illnesses because of the contaminated water. It is devastating hearing that a lot of people around the globe do not even have bathrooms or sink in their homes but also pass away because of it. Families around the world have no idea what and how to wash our hands. I am going to be walking 3 miles while holding 1 gallon of water to showcase what children have to go through everyday in the developing world. I really want to help make a change about this and hopefully you want to, too! Anything you can give to my fundraiser is a huge help! Thank you so much for supporting me!!

With Lots of Love,
Charlotte Yang


Amount From Date
$300.00 Zachary Zhang Mon, Oct 25
$25.00 Hortencia Armendariz Sun, Oct 24
$100.00 Yuxin An Sat, Oct 23
$10.00 Anonymous Sat, Oct 23
$25.00 Victoria Villegas Sat, Oct 23
$10.00 Marjiya Andrea Fri, Oct 22
$50.00 Anonymous Thu, Oct 14

Charlotte Yang

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