Why Service?

Service-learning programs positively impact youth by engaging, educating, and inspiring them to become global citizens.

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Bring an Incredible Experience to Your Students

We could hit you with all the latest buzzwords and hub-bub about how service-learning will promote higher level thinking skills, help foster inclusion, foster more culturally competent classrooms, etc. But you know all that. You’re trained in the buzzwords and your ultimate goal is to bring incredible experiences to your students. Let our students tell you why service-learning is so important.

Service empowers:
I honestly didn’t know how to see myself out there helping, but now I do.
Service is a catalyst for continued action:
Helping others, even if it is the smallest action, gives me a sense of fulfillment and purpose. It makes me happy knowing I can be of help to someone. The sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a large project such as our Walk for Water inspires me to do more and to continue to use my time towards such an important issue...I hope to continue gaining new skills and using them to help others in my community and the world.
Service challenges the lens through which we see the world:
This project inspired me to ask, ‘why?’
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The 4 Steps to Service-Learning

Identify the Cause

Gather background knowledge about the cause. What is the Global Water Crisis and how is it impacting communities both near and far?


To be part of the solution, one must investigate the issue and map out the problem. Students will answer, “how does this apply to the real world?”

Plan, Prepare & Implement

This is the ‘heart’ of the project. Using the important knowledge gained during the investigation phase, how can you be part of the solution?


Host a Walk for Water. Enjoy the culminating service event with your community. Publicly share what you have learned and celebrate the results!