Crown Academy

Sierra Leone 753 beneficiaries Waterloo, Kissitown

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Crown Academy was founded in the Kissitown community of Waterloo, Sierra Leone in 2013. This primary and secondary school, which serves more than 750 students, has had many water challenges since its inception.
The students must currently walk to a local stream to fetch their water. In addition to the time and physical challenges that this walk for water represents, the road that these students must navigate to get to the stream is extremely busy and is often flooded and slippery. The local community tells us that the stream is also contaminated, which has led to many of the students and their families having life-threatening health issues such as diarrhea and cholera.
Our implementing partner, Water4, seeks to bring a safe, filtered and purified water source to Crown Academy via their NUMA piped water system. Water4 NUMA piped water networks are designed to serve communities of up to 3,000 people. A NUMA network includes a solar-powered central NEXUS station with filtration & pumping technology, and up to four NODE extensions linked to the NEXUS to serve as satellite water distribution points. With this funding, donors will allow Water4 and their partners to install a NUMA NODE at the school, eliminating the treacherous walk for students and supplying the highest quality water available by simply turning a tap. In addition to the NEXUS NODE connection, Water4 will also provide two handwashing stations and include sanitation and hygiene training so that clean, pure water truly becomes safe water.

Water4 and the teachers at Crown Academy know that, when complete, this piped water system and hygiene training will lead to a remarkable improvement in health, learning and betterment of the community as a whole. Thank you for your consideration.
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