Ecole Mixte Action Fraternelle, Haiti: Complete

July 11, 2017
After many months of preparation, World Water Relief (WWR) successfully completed the installation of the PURA water filter system which will provide clean water for over 800 students, from kindergarten to ninth grade, who attend Ecole Mixte Action Fraternelle primary school. In order to begin this project, WWR’s preliminary preparation required checking for water hardness on-site, communicating with key counterparts, such as the school director and municipal officials, documenting on-site installation measurements, coordinating with labor technicians and more. During June 24th-30th, 2017, the WWR team successfully achieved the project goals of:
  1. digging pathways for PVC pipes’ secure passage underground 
  2. establishing electrical wiring for the PURA water system holding area and water pump 
  3. connecting piping to the water storage tank and subsequent W.A.S.H. stations  
  4. constructing two water stations for school use
  5. painting each water station with the WWR logo and completing final water system accessory work

While WWR experienced some delays, such road blocks due to protests, the WWR team of 12 workers, including an electrician, plumber, mason, helpers, W.A.S.H. educators and the installation and maintenance manager, achieved all projects objectives. 

Bernadette Jean and Mombayard Fernand, the EMAF co-directors, worked diligently with WWR staff during this project installation process. They care immensely about their school environment, students and the larger community supporting local education. Along the way, they were attentive and diligent in assisting with a smooth installation process—making time for any project needs, providing secure storage for project materials and showing their appreciation for the work at hand by bringing workers and staff mangoes and coconuts during the installation. Both directors will play a key role in the sustainability of the water system and have already pledged to be in charge of the care and upkeep of the system along with building a whole new water station at the other school location about two hundred meters away. Bernadette says that, because of the new water system, students can finally have safe drinking water and that is something that is indispensable. 

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