Navajo Nation: 10 Water Storage Tanks (#4)

United States New Mexico
$3,350 needed (93%)
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Now more than ever, every American deserves the right to stay home and stay safe. Clean water makes that possible.
The families our implementing partner, DigDeep, serves are some of the most vulnerable to coronavirus in America. They struggle to wash their hands and bodies. They are forced to break social distancing to haul water. They live far from healthcare facilities. COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has upended the lives of all Americans, and that includes our friends and family across the Navajo Nation. 
In light of COVID-19, we are providing families who do not yet have a Home Water System with 275 gallon water tanks that DigDeep will connect to their water trucking routes. This intervention includes the tank, set up, and weekly or biweekly water deliveries as families await Home Water System installation. Moving forward, the Navajo Water Project plans to continue giving families these tanks prior to Home Water System installation as a short-term solution to providing for their water needs. 

We’re tremendously grateful for the incredible leadership of the Navajo Nation, public healthcare workers, local and elected officials, other non-profits, and mutual aid groups who have coordinated an unprecedented response to this crisis.

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