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The families we serve are some of the most vulnerable to coronavirus in America. They struggle to wash their hands and bodies. They are forced to break social distancing to haul water. They live far from healthcare facilities. The COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) has upended the lives of all Americans, and that includes our friends and family across the Navajo Nation. 
Here’s how we’re responding:
  • We've partnered with our friends at Nestlé Waters to distribute 248,000 gallons of bottled water to about 30,000 people across Arizona, New Mexico and Utah through a massive network of local partners. That's nearly two million pounds of water.
  • We're absolutely committed to continuing trucked water deliveries to our clients without interruption. We've also expanded those deliveries to new homes and begun filling water barrels and reusable containers distributed by our local partners.
  • We're helping out-of-work families pay their water and electric bills so that their services continue uninterrupted and they don’t fall behind on payments.
  • We’re continuing to employ our hourly water and solar techs, ensuring that their families have financial stability and access to 100% employer-paid medical coverage.
  • Our local managers have been working around-the-clock to coordinate water deliveries, conduct system repairs, stock inventory,  train staff online, and process data. We are fully prepared to bring clean, running water to as many people as fast as we can when social distancing is relaxed.

Now more than ever, every American deserves the right to stay home and stay safe. Running water makes that possible.

We’re tremendously grateful for the incredible leadership of the Navajo Nation, public healthcare workers, local and elected officials, other non-profits, and mutual aid groups who have coordinated an unprecedented response to this crisis.

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