Integración Centroamericana

Honduras 171 beneficiaries Yarula, La Paz

Project Complete!

Integración Centroamericana School is located in the rural community of El Zancudo in the municipality of Yarula, Honduras. The school has 6 teachers and provides education to 165 students from k-8. Students have significant absences from school due to waterborne illnesses. Access to safe drinking water within the school will lead to healthier students and less absences due to illness, allowing for a better education. 
This school is located in a community with higher than normal reported cases of waterborne disease according to the regional Secretary of Health. In previous years the reported cases of children sick with diarrhea has been very high. The community has a water system however their water is not treated allowing harmful bacteria to be present. Our implementing partner, EOS International, has performed water quality tests and found bacterial contamination to be present throughout the system, including at the school.
The EOS Team will install a water treatment system ‘Sistema Combinado’ (Combined System, in English) to purify the water at the school. This system consists of a two-step process:
  1. Reduction of water turbidity (cleaning the water so it is crystal clear)
  2. Treating the bacteria to ensure it is safe to drink
This system will serve as a mini-water treatment plant, reducing the levels of turbidity and killing any bacteria present in the water. EOS technicians will install this system in collaboration with the teachers and students, teaching them how it works and the proper maintenance. Program manager Oneida Lara has prepared a curriculum around water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) for the students. She will continue visiting the school monthly and work with the teachers to educate students on safe WASH practices.
EOS has a water quality lab at their office in Marcala and will do testing after the system is installed to ensure the water is safe to drink. This program has a 10-year track record providing solutions and ongoing monitoring to schools and communities in Central America.

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