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Life at Klis Primary: Srey’s Story

Srey Pech is kind, obedient with her parents, teachers, and other adults, and at nine years old, she is the oldest of her two younger siblings. Srey has a beautiful smile and dreams of being a teacher one day. At Klis Primary, where Srey attends and is in fifth grade, there is no safe water on campus, no place to wash hands, and only one toilet for all 200 students. “I want to be a teacher,” Srey said. “But, I cannot focus well on studies because there is no water.”
There is an old, hand-dug well on campus, but it was contaminated from the start and has run dry for over a year. Sometimes, the nearby village gives water to the school to fill up their large, ceramic jars. But most days, students simply bring water from home. “It is difficult because there is no water to wash our hands,” Srey said. “When my books get smudged from dirty hands, my teachers become mad.”

There are two toilets at Klis Primary, one for students and one for teachers. The lines are so long for the student bathroom that the expectation is for most students to go outside in the fields that surround the school. This is not only an unsanitary and unsafe environment for students, but one that keeps older girls from attending school while menstruating each month. Srey’s teacher, Mrs. Peery, said, “Lacking water and bathrooms contributes to students dropping out of school.” Srey, the kind girl that she is, says she is always concerned about the flowers around campus that suffer when there is no water.
You can help Srey’s and others at Klis Primary School by providing health training, menstrual hygiene management curriculum, permanent and sanitary bathrooms on school grounds, plus a new, safe water source just steps from the classroom. Our implementing partner, Lifewater International, works alongside parents, teachers, and administrators to ensure the students of today and tomorrow have a path out of poverty.
Teacher Training
Teachers with WASH knowledge make healthy students! Lifewater staff practice water access, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) lessons with teachers to be integrated in school curriculum.
MHM Training
With Menstrual Hygiene Management training, girls have the resources and social support they need to thrive in their classrooms without shame.
WASH Club Formed
A WASH Club of student leaders actively participate in teaching hygiene and sanitation to their peers through songs, dramas, and dances.
Latrine Construction
Lifewater designs and constructs multi-stall school bathrooms with drainable pit toilets that are built to last. Each school also features permanent handwashing stations to improve school hygiene. With safe, sanitary bathrooms, more children feel confident attending school!
Water Project Construction
Lifewater engineers plan and build the appropriate source based on the geography of the region. Safe water transforms a school. The school becomes a certified “Healthy School” once the following are all in place: an active WASH Club, MHM training, a safe water source, and safe bathrooms for the entire school. It is a moment of great accomplishment!

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