Nasaruni High School Bathrooms

Kenya 120 beneficiaries Narok Town
Nasaruni is a success story of the accomplishments of a rural community when empowered to build a school with life-saving water and sanitation facilities.
Many girls living in the Narok area of Kenya did not have the opportunity to attend school until Nasaruni Maasai School for Girls was built. Traditionally, the Maasai tribes are semi-nomadic and pastoral and live by herding cattle and goats. Their lives are changing as fences are being constructed along the roads leading to the Maasai Mara. Cattle are no longer free to roam, and the Maasai are being forced to build stationary homes and move away from their long-time nomadic lifestyle. Nasaruni School offers girls the opportunity to study, learn agricultural skills that will replace nomadic herding, and become leaders of their communities that will be beneficial to future economic development. 
H2O for Life has been a proud sponsor of Nasaruni for many years. Our donor schools across the United States have raised funds that have provided a deep bore hole well, piped water to the dorms, showers, toilets, handwashing facilities and plentiful water for cooking and maintaining a school garden.
8 VIP latrines for the high school are currently under construction, allowing these girls to continue their education beyond grade 8. They are the future of their Maasai communities and their country. School offers them a chance to learn new skills, pursue careers and provide economic development opportunities for their local communities.

This portion of the project will be to provide labor and materials to build a new Ablution block (showers/sinks) for the high school.

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