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El Tablazo is a remote community located 60 km from the town of Trojes in southeast Honduras. José León Morena lives with his wife, Dolores Figueroa, and their nine children and grandchildren in the community of El Tablazo. The family currently uses a water source that another member of the community lends to them. Water sources are abundant in the community of El Tablazo. However, a few years ago, a water quality analysis was conducted, and the results were very worrying. The analysis showed the water is highly contaminated. This helped explain why members of the community have suffered from hepatitis; some have even died from it.

Knowing that his whole family, and, indeed, the whole community of Tablazo, only has access to contaminated water, José Morena shares, “We are really grateful to soon benefit from this project which will provide water filters and training so that we will finally be able to safely drink water.”

El Tablazo is small community located in the Trojes region of Honduras. There are 23 families, with 108 residents in total. This community is located about an hour from the Coco River (previously called the Segovia River), which divides Honduras from Nicaragua. The river is mostly used to transport commercial goods from La Mosquitía, Honduras to Nicaragua, but is also used for recreation during the summer. 
Current Water and Sanitation Situation: 
  • Water quality is a major concern. Results from the water quality test, conducted in November 2019, demonstrated extremely high levels of e-coli (170 count)
  • Water has high levels of turbidity, especially during the rainy season
  • 34% of the families practice open defecation
  • Conditions of water and sanitation at the school is deplorable, with 13 children and one teacher having to practice open defecation
  • There is no place to wash their hands and no place for girls to manage menstruation
This school WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Education) project, of which H2O for Life will provide 50% of the funding, will provide the community school with sustainable access to clean water and sanitation. Teachers will receive training and mentoring on how to integrate WASH into the school curriculum. Students will receive hygiene training as well as menstrual hygiene management training. The school will receive a biosand water filter, gender specific latrines, a handwashing station and pvc piping from the water source to the school. Our implementing partner, Pure Water for the World, will also monitor this community, at regular intervals, to measure impact and support the program’s long-term sustainability.

Project Sponsors

H2O for Life

White Bear Lake, MN

SACS Middle School

Shakopee, MN
November 5, 2020

WASH for Francisco Morazán!

El Tablazo is a small community located in the Trojes region of Honduras. There are 23 families, with 108 residents in total. This community is located about an hour from...

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