Project for students in Ghana a success

September 21, 2020
Update on the recently completed project from our implementing partner, Volunteers for Amelioration Rural Areas (VARAS):

"We are grateful to our sponsor for bringing such a great impact and the entire Agordeke community for coming out in their numbers to see this come to fruition. The project when completed will provide drinkable water, water for cleaning and washing of hands after visiting the washroom for over 250 students."

Students have to walk a long distance and wait in line to access the only borehole well that serves the community. Often students will choose to use water from unsafe sources rather than wasting time at the borehole. This leads to cases of waterborne disease and some students have also been bitten by snakes on their way to fetch water. The village chiefs, elders and the entire community are ready to work on the project by extending the water system from the borehole to the school via underground piping. They will serve as the laborers to install the cement, pipes, water pump and poly holding tank.

"We handed over the completed water extension to the headteacher and pupils of Abutia Agordeke E.P Primary School. The Chief ( Togbe Joshua.K Amegbor) and his elders of the community came to witness and expressed their profound gratitude to you and H2O for Life for considering to build such a project in a deprived community like theirs.
Simon Kportsu, the head of Supervision and Management at the District Education Directorate, also thanked you for the support. Both he and Zidah Harrison (headteacher) of the school promised to take good care of the facility for the long term benefit of the students.
The VARAS' team are grateful to you and the H2O for Life team for the partnership. Indeed, the impact cannot be underestimated and we hope the changes brought to the school now and in the future will go a long way to promote hygiene and sanitation among students hence giving the students ample time to use teaching contacts judiciously with the overall aim to break the circle of poverty."

Special thank you to:
Glacier Creek Middle School, WI and Protolabs, MN for supporting this project!

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