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The community of Batey 9 lies within the Dominican school district of Independencia and is a batey (sugarcane worker community). La Escuela Primeria de Batey 9 is the single primary school within the batey. The water that reaches the school comes from the communal aqueduct. This water often contains very high levels of contamination from aerial pesticide spray and various forms of groundwater pollution. Once it reaches the school, it is not safe to drink or cook with. The school currently has to buy costly, bottled water for drinking and cooking in order to prevent illness among the students and staff. They purchase 10 5-gallon jugs per day at about .75 cents each and spend over $1,500 annually on water. The school director, Argentina Peña Perez would like to spend this money on educational materials and programs and does not have the funding to provide hygiene education, although it is in desperate need.
World Water Relief would like to end the flow of contaminated water to the school grounds and provide the students and staff with not only a purified water filtration system, but 10 years of hygiene education as well. The hygiene education will be provided not only to the school, but shared with the community by forming hygiene groups within the school and community through the creation of parent groups. In addition the school will have the ability to share this safe drinking water with the community.
Please help us to bring the dream of a healthy future through purified water and hygiene education to the students of the Batey 9 Primary School, their families and community members.

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June 21, 2017

Batey 9 Project Complete!

After many months of preparation, World Water Relief successfully completed the installation of the PURA water filter system which will provide clean water for nearly 400 students, from kindergarten to...

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